Exploring Whiteness

I often hesitate to delve into the topic of race because of two fears: It's a very complex topic that I've done little research about. I »

The (not so) Great Debate

I've been curiously observing my Facebook feed as well as my own reactions to the events relating to this presidential election. I'm finding that I'm more »

Picking A House

Liz and I are in the process of visiting homes and are considering purchasing a house here in Missoula. It's been something we've been thinking about »

Steve Jobs

On my last flight from Philly to Salt Lake City, I watched the Steve Jobs movie with Michael Fassbender that was released last year. I was »

The Donald

This has been an incredibly interesting election season, particularly for those more interested in people than politics. While we've had the far-left candidate before in Ralph »

I Wanna Go Home

Today marks 50 days, or just over seven weeks, since Liz and I left Missoula to begin a trip to Korea for three weeks, then Southern »

Learning How To Move

This morning, being a bit jet-lagged, I decided to walk to a bakery that I had seen a few blocks from our Airbnb. What I learned »

Learning To Taste Food

I've been getting into some old seasons of the show MasterChef, the version that aired in the United States. It's by far my favorite cooking show. »


We have entered into the month of September. Wow... already? I can clearly see back to the turn of the new year. Two moments in time, »

Dear Mom - Year Two

Hi mom, It's amazing to think that two years has passed since you, well, passed. There are parts of my life that feel distant from that »

This I Pray

TL;DR http://www.thisipray.com I do not pray much. I've always been shown and taught that prayer is something internal, something that happens entirely »

Thoughts on Ferguson

I am the kind of person that needs a long time to stew on things before having an opinion, mostly because I will typically have a »