Time to Change

A few days ago I was sitting near our entryway putting on my shoes to go for a run. I had hoped to start the run »

new faces, same fears

Liz and I are now moved to Missoula as of October 6th and have spent the last two weeks looking for furniture and turning our empty »

what is worth your while?

I recently had a Skype session with a complete stranger who I connected with on Hacker News. There was a post from a 25-year-old person claiming »

A Visit to Missoula

Two days ago we were in Missoula, Montana, visiting with our friends the Messengers and exploring a city we feel more and more drawn to move »


When Liz and I moved from the Bay Area to Montana, we left behind our jobs, church, gym, friends, and many of our possessions. Much of »

Dear Mom - Year One

Hi mom, Today marks one year since your passing… one year ago when at 12:30am you took your last breath, gave up the ghost, and »

as the teacher said

havin money's not everything, not havin it is -Kanye West A major consideration out here in the winter, and something that I've NEVER had to deal »