writing status - 8.4.14

So I have decided to try and become a writer. I’m actually still figuring out what that even means. Am I trying to make an income from writing or will it just become a hobby? All I know is that during this particular moment in my life, I want to write, and write a lot. I want to see if what I have to say means something to anyone. I want to see if I can create stories that are fun, or sad, or that somehow seem real to people. I want to know if what’s inside of me will be satisfied with this medium or if it seeks another.

I’ve been reading articles online from other authors and one thing that seems to come up again and again is that they recommend new writers start a blog. They say that blogging is a great tool for an aspiring writer because it allows them to publish something often, essentially to “get something out there” on a regular basis. It was also mentioned that it’s a great tool because it forces you to not spend too much time editing and revising, since they are meant to be shorter, faster pieces.

I have this blog already setup, but haven’t been consistent with when I post. My last post was last Monday, while the one before that was on April 20th. Part of my hesitation to blog has been that I’ve put this pressure on myself that each post has to be very meaningful, or has to have some great insight or lesson in it. While it’s really great when that happens, I can’t expect myself to be able to keep up a pace of regular posts that are all meaningful, or all insightful, or all impressive. I’ve found myself wanting the praise of readers to affirm my writing, or to think everything I produce is great. Basically I’m afraid of failure, or rather feeling like I’ve failed. To me right now that would look like creating content that nobody reads, or worse, tells me isn’t very good.

I think where I’ve come to now is that I know I just need to post, and post often. I just need to write, and write often. That means that some of it will be interesting, some of it will be mundane, but all of it will be an effort on my part. This will be a growth edge for me, being okay with putting out content that I’m just okay with, rather than polishing everything to what I think is great. At this point I need to post for me, and not burden myself with worrying about some readership I’m only imaging myself to have.

My biggest failure as a writer so far has simply been that I haven’t done much writing. I keep waiting for inspiration to sweep me away before I want to sit down and do any work. That needs to stop. One of the structures that Liz and I are starting, and that I mentioned in my last post, was that we want to spend at least two hours a day working on personal projects. Some of that time for me will go towards updating this blog. I’m announcing that so I’ll become accountable to everyone (is anyone even reading this??) that I will be more regular with posts.

As for other writing projects, I’ve finished a draft of two short stories, and am having fun working on another story that I don’t think is going to be a short story, but I have NO IDEA what it’s about yet. I have the beginning of it and am having fun filling out some character info and writing some dialog, but I’m learning what the story is about as I write it. That part is fun. I literally sit down and think “okay, let’s see what happens next in the story today”. I’m not going to share out any of the stories now as I’m not looking for any feedback (positive or negative) about them. It was more important that I just write them and get them out of my system. I have the start of another two short stories going and am hoping to have a total of 6 or 7 short stories completed by the end of the year, along with some good progress on the longer story that I’m working on. I’m going to start meeting with an editor shortly to help me grow as a writer and to hear about what’s working in my stories (so it’s not hard editing, more having conversations about my work). I’m REALLY looking forward to having some guidance and direction.

I’m also hoping to start a series of blog posts, maybe monthly, where I just talk about my latest progress with writing. Stay tuned!